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Body armor Options

AA. Quilted outer shell

body armor option 1 This optional carrier allows SV-002 vest panels to be worn over the uniform during cold weather. When the ballistic panels reinserted into the quilted shell, the vest provides excellent concealable ballistic protection.

BB. Coolmax T-shirts

bullet proof vest option

Coolmax dry faster than any fabric.
The incredibly comfrotable fabric is made from a revolutionary new fiber from Du Pont.
Each coolmax has four microscopic groves that wicked moisture away from the skin. Keeping you cool and dry when the heat is on.
Our coolmax retains 3 times less water than cotton T-shirts

CC. Carry bag

body armor option 2 This custome-fitted bag is ideal for transporting our body armor.

DD. Ceramic plate

body armor option3

This 10"x12" ballistic hard armor plate is specially designed to be used by police special operation or military units.

It's worn in conjunction with tactical armor such as our SV 001~005 to defeat certain rifle threats, such as 7.62MM or the 30~66 armor piercing.

This plate-made from aramid/ceramic composite is contoured to fit the body.

Top layer of ceramic tile is designed to deform the bullet or impact then multiple layers of aramid engage and stop it.

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