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Why toe socks


kid's toesocksBabies' feet are the original form but when they are 20 years old, about 80 percent of them have altered from what their feet should look like.

In other words, 80 percent of feet change in shape over 20 years.
The reason is shoes. Women enjoy wearing pointed shoes, and men's shoes don't exactly fit.

Shoes are usually rounded in shape, the center being the longest part, but men's feet don't look like that.

The big toe is the longest, and others are shorter.
Shoes jam big toe to the second toe.
When this happens over and over again, the big toe just stays there.

The resulted is known as a distorted foot; when feet become distorted, even walking hurts the feet.

Moving each toe a lot helps to put feet back in their original shape or to keep the healthy feet. But moving toes in normal socks is hard.

Wearing toe socks make it much easier to exercise toes.


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