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Why cotton toe socks?


Feet are known as the second heart of the body.
There are many blood vessels on the foot, and they share the function of pumping blood with heart.

A pair of feet touches the ground over 10,000,000 times and travels about 160,000 km in 60 years.
Sixteen tons of weight press on the feet,
for every 1km walked.

Even though feet are known as the second heart, they have not been treated as importantly
as their status deserves.

There are almost as many sweat gland on feet as the hands. On hot days, feet get easily sweaty and athlete's foot can be a problem.

If the perspiration combines with the chemical fibers in socks, an odor results.

Wearing cotton toe socks instead of chemical fiber socks like nylon socks, and keeping
feet dried are the best way to prevent
athlete's foot or the odor.

Wearing cotton fiber toesocks could be the best way of all.

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